You Are What You Let Them See

You might be a teen or a kid, grown up or baby – people judge you for whatever you do. It is impossible for you to not pass judgment on someone else. It is almost like a human nature. However, good for you, it is easier to influence the people’s opinion and judgment about you to an extent. In exception to people with prejudice because they are the ones who need help and you cannot do anything to change their preconceived opinions (well, you can always take a bat to their head but it’s illegal and ineffective). However, here are few tips to influence people’s opinion about you.

The way you present yourself

It is well known that people treat you the way you treat yourself. Though, you are filled with insecurities, it is never good to show new people your insecurities or act in a self-depreciating manner. This also includes the way you dress. If you are one of those socially awkward people, then you probably aren’t looking to make a fashion statement. You just want to look like you belong without sticking out like a sour thumb. You can try to buy womens dresses because they are cuter and have a wide range of selections. Jumpers are like a cheap code for a game, you can never go wrong with jumpers (except in a situation which has a dress code specified).

Never be an hypocrite

It is hardest thing to do in exception to passing judgments. When you say something and act in a way that contradicts what you said, it is highly possible that you will try to be the butt of the joke. It also includes how you act even when you are intoxicated. You need to retain your beliefs and individuality in every aspect. It is an important to notion to deliberate upon even for the smallest things like when you buy cheap womens clothes online Australia for an official event. You might wonder why, but, it is really important, people often turn into a different person in party but that would often lead to conflicts later. You need to project a steady image of who you are. If you find something inappropriate then you end up wearing something similar for a party, then people would start finding you ridiculous and a hypocrite.

There are several other aspects like visualizing a positive image of yourself in your head. Moreover, one of the most important aspects of not being judged is to not judge others – i.e., do to others what you want them to do to you. It does not mean you should not be yourself but if being your true self means hurting others then it is probably time for making amends and changing yourself.

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