Tips To Help You Nail The Gentleman Style

In addition to the above, always make sure that you choose the right bag to go with your outfit and fit in all that you need. This way you can be chic and smart! So avoid the above mistakes and style like a pro!

Looking good in a suit or shirt isn’t something that most men are able to pull off. While it might have something to do with your body structure and how you carry yourself, it also has a lot to do with how you style it. So here are some tips to help you nail the ‘Gentleman style’ in ease.

Roll the sleeves right

There is just something about wearing long sleeved shirts that gives off the important vibe than short sleeved ones. However when you are working it is only natural that you would roll up your sleeves to avoid them from getting dirty. The best way to roll them up in style and still maintain that ‘gentleman look’ like any personal stylist Fountain Gate would naturally aim to create, is to first unbutton the cuffs and pull them right to your elbow and fold them inside at the top. This way your sleeves won’t be unrolling off any time soon!

Know the art of buttons

There is actually a science or art behind the buttons in a jacket. The button in the middle should always be worn to make sure that the shape of the jacket is maintained, however the button at the bottom should never be worn because it simply kills the flare but the button on the top could be worn sometimes based on the style you are trying to create. And so, it is always best that you hire men’s personal styling service when you are wearing such suits for important events representing yourself, your firm and whatnot. After all, the first impression you create goes a long way!

Go for genuine leather

As expensive as it is, genuine leather is like a must have in any man’s wardrobe. It not only defines style but it also defines class. Since it is durable as well, this is an investment you have got to make at one point or the other. After all nothing screams ‘gentlemen’ a like a pair of well polished leather shoes!

Buy shoe trees

There are times when shoes fade away, crack or simply lose its shape. To avoid this from happening you should invest on buying shoe trees that would help you hold on to those expensive shoes even after years to come. Since these are specially designed, they are able to absorb the moist in the shoes as well, thus preventing them from rotting away. So do shop for one today!

Use cedar wood hangars

Rather than using wire hangars that are known to stretch out and damage shirts, it is best that you use cedar wood hangars that would not only repel moths but also moist too, from your shirts.

So take the above tips in to account and nail the ‘gentleman look’ like a pro!

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